Yesterday in honor of Gossip Girl’s upcoming 100th episode the Mayor of New York proclaimed it “Gossip Girl Day” Blake and her costars attended the event to honor them and the show.

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Appearances: 2012: January 26 – Mayoral Proclamation In Celebration Of The “Gossip Girl” 100th Episode

Something For Every Shipper: Chair (Chuck and Blair), Derena (Dan and Serena), Dair (Dan and Blair)…all these couples have significant moments in the hour. The couple out of those three with the most screentime? Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair, who share two very important scenes…before Blair makes her way to the altar. Let’s just say Chuck isn’t going down without a fight, with him proclaiming it should be the two of them standing at the altar, not Blair and Louis (Hugo Becker). Prepare to squeal, Chuck fans! Also, Chuck has a lot of supporters at the wedding.

And here’s a quote from Safran that should make Chair fans happy: “Chuck and Blair are never over.” Take from that what you will.

As for Dan and Blair, there’s not a whole lot of scenes, but you know, sometimes it’s quality over quantity. So yes, there will be definitely some squealworthy moments for that faction of the fanbase as well. A few things we can tell you are that Louis calls Dan and Blair “best friends,” Dan steps in as Louis’ Best Man and the vows are brought up again.

On the Blair and Louis front, expect to see a side of their relationship we’ve never seen before…and it’s awesome. For Dan and Serena, Blair pushes for Serena to tell Dan how she really feels about him, which may lead to a “grand gesture” from Serena. Sorry Nate and Serena fans, no moments for you, as Nate is busy making googly-eyes at the real Charlie, who is a cater-waiter (How Dan Humphrey of her!).