Gossip Girl: On Set: 2012 July 31

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Gossip Girl: On Set: 2012 July 31

* Gossip Girl, which is entering its final, 10-episode season, might wrap things up with a retrospective special à la One Tree Hill‘s own send-off. “I’m a big believer in retrospectives and a big believer in allowing the audience to say farewell to their shows,” the network boss said. “It’s important for us on this side of the fence to give a satisfactory ending.” Would the GG cast tape talking-head segments for any such special? “I hope so,” answered Pedowitz. “It would not be as good of a retrospective special [without them], would it?”


There’s hardly any mention of Gossip Girl in this and if it weren’t for the one shot of Blake I don’t even know that I would post it but here’s the CW’s first promo for their fall shows showing off their new logo and slogan.

As you can see we have a new layout here at the main site and in the gallery. Thanks to my friend Samantha for the beautiful layout! It features outtakes from Blake’s recent photoshoot for Bullet Magazine. I have also added some new Gossip Girl icons thanks to my friend Jessica.

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